Monday, December 16, 2013

Cloth Diapering: Part II

Today we're talking cloth diaper accessories.  It's important to use the correct diaper balms, detergent, etc., to prolong the life of your diapers.  Using materials not suited for cloth diapers can result in early wear and negatively affect absorbency.  With careful care, your cloth diaper investment should last you through multiple children!

BioLiners are probably the most important cloth diapering accessory, and here's why:  the material allows liquid to pass through, but catches any solid matter.  In plain terms, it's a poop catcher. HOORAY!   I  never used these until my son was totally weaned and moved on to cow's milk at 1 year old.  His waste consistency became a little unpredictable at that time, so I throw one of these on around the time he is due to poo.  These can also be reused a couple of times if it's not soiled.

Another key component to the BioLiner is that you can use any diaper balm when using the BioLiner.  For example, your baby has a nasty diaper rash (note: My son has NEVER had a diaper rash in cloth.), simply use that extra strength ointment, place a BioLiner on the soaker pad, and you're good to go!  The cloth diaper will be protected from absorbing any of the unapproved diaper cream.  As you can see, it looks and almost feels like a dryer sheet and runs the entire length of the diaper.  GroVia says that these are flushable and compostable, but I simply toss in the trash.

There's some confusion between the term "wet bag" and "wet pail".  A wet bag simply stores wet items.  A small one is great for your diaper bag and even pool trips!  Wet pails are no longer recommended.  If I have my information correct, there was a time when people stored dirty diapers in water in the bottom of trash cans.  This is no longer the protocol, as harmful bacteria can quickly grow.  Instead, we just use a diaper pail with a liner, or a slightly different style large hanging wet bag.  

These are the two bags that I use.  The large GroVia pail liner (left) goes into a stainless steel trash can and collects the soaker pads and/or AIO's.   The small wet bag (right) goes on a hook in my laundry room and  holds only the soiled shells from the AI2's.  Remember, those shells can go in with your regular laundry and detergent, so it's important to keep those separate.  Shells should be line dried to preserve the fabric.  

And a handful of other accessories from left to right:

BumGenius flannel wipes and bottom spray -  You’ve made the commitment to cloth, why not go the extra mile and ditch those baby wipes? These soft cotton flannel cloth wipes are able to clean everything from your baby’s bottom to a kitchen counter.  The spray can be used on bottoms or the wipes.

GroVia Might Bubbles - These tabs are a supplement to detergent and can be thrown in your wash every 6-8 weeks to rid your diapers of any build-up. 

BumGenius Diaper Sprayer -  A must for anyone who plans on cloth diapering full time.  It only takes one messy diaper before you'll regret not having one, so buy in advance:)  The hook-up is a breeze.  

GroVia Magic Stick and Magic Z stickThis lightweight diaper balm goes on hands free and leaves your baby’s bottom, well, soft as a baby’s bottom.  GroVia now offers it in a Zinc version as well.  This balm will not interfere with absorbency of cloth diapers.

Bum Genius Odor Spray Non‐toxic and natural odor and stain remover that works wonders on cloth diapers. Spray on soiled area of diaper and toss into your wet bag until laundry day. 

Lullaby Lane has all of these great products in stock, so stop in soon.  Anyone interested in learning more can come to our Cloth Diapering Class this Saturday, December 21 at 11am.  Attendees will receive 10% off all cloth diapering merchandise!!!

I've overstayed my welcome today, so Part III will feature laundry tips and organization.  See you soon!

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