Monday, December 23, 2013

Cloth Diapering: Part IV

Ok, you've got your full stash (a total of 24 AIO's or 24 soaker pads and 12 shells), you've prepped your diapers (washed and tumbled dry at least 5 times), so now....Let's. Get. Organized!!!! (Picture me yelling those last 3 words like I'm doing a home reveal yelling MOVE. THAT. BUS!!!!)

Store your diapers in a central location of your house.  If it doesn't make sense to keep them all in your baby's room, then don't.  I keep ours in a cabinet in our living room.  You'll want to keep them all in one location, because you'll need to rotate your stash.  That means that each diaper gets used the same number of times, not wearing out one particular group.

The top row contains disposable wipes, reusable wipes and spray, and lotion.
The middle row has night time disposables, regular disposables, diaper balm, and bioliners.
The bottom row is wear all of the magic happens: The diapers. (Clouds part, sun shines, and cue the angel choir: "Ahhhhhhhhhhh".)  My AIO's are on the far left, shells in the middle, and soaker pads on the right.  I rotate these diapers by using all of the AIO's first, then all of the AI2's.  When fresh laundry gets put away, I simply put the clean diapers on the bottom of either pile.  Make sense?  (This is why I recommend finding one style and brand you like and sticking with it - makes life a little less complicated! More on that soon.)

We purchased a towel rack from Ikea that we mounted up high in our laundry room.  This is to line dry the shells.  And so that we don't bonk our heads:)
We also have a stainless steel trash can with a pail liner that holds our dirty soaker pads and AIO's.  The dirty shells go in  small wet bag we keep on a hook.

Got extra vacation time over the holidays? Go ahead and get yourself organized!

Up next: The final cloth diapering post with questions, answers, and more tips!

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