Friday, December 20, 2013

Gift Ideas: One Year Old

Whether you're looking for last minute holiday gifts or an upcoming birthday gift idea, Lullaby Lane has you covered!  

A couple of quick suggestions - 
-  This may sound harsh, but go ahead and let those family members and close friends know what you're gunning for for your little one.  Especially when they're thoughtful enough to ask!  We've got limited space, so it's a necessity that we love everything that comes into our house. 
- Choose practical items for gifts and your wish list!  Balance toys, educational toys, items you need, etc.  I usually put together an email with a few items at different price points for my Mom and sister to reference.  I also make it known, "I know I'm annoying, but...."

Here are my current favorite gift ideas for one year olds!  Some of these will be under the tree for my sweet lil' man, so if you see him, mums the word:)

Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Rubber Cow - $38
Seriously, just the right size for my 1 year old.  He'll love bouncing and I'll love that he's improving his core strength!

Kid O toys - $8-$58
Superior quality products that encourage fine motor skills, shape recognition, and more!

Feeding supplies - $4 - $12
I'm in love with this Food Face plate.  It's fun for kids and it's also breakable.  I know that sounds counterintuitive, but in my house we go straight to "real" tableware.  By teaching kids that things are fragile, it saves me cupboard space and  money!

Babiators sunglasses (variety of colors) - $19.99
These are the jam.  They're fashionable, durable and wait for it....they come with a guarantee!  Simply register your product online and if they're damaged or lost, they'll replace them for the cost of shipping!  I've actually taken advantage of this offering and found the company timely and easy to work with!

So, is your holiday shopping done, or will we be seeing you soon?


  1. These are great ideas! The Babiators, especially, are genius- we have lost countless pairs of sunglasses! Thanks for the ideas!


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