Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Cards

We're a one card per year household. That means if a child is born, well, consider the birth announcement your one card per year allotment. Good news for us (and our friends and family) -  It was a birth-free year. Hooray! Which means we needed to crank out a card.

It's true. I found a similar photo on Pinterest. I saved it to one of my "hidden" folders, so people wouldn't suspect it was coming.  It sort of sounds like I'm committing a crime instead of a warm holiday greeting...

We typically take and stage our photos ourselves. So in classic form, my husband rummaged through our neighbor's recycling one weekend morning to make our "North Pole or Bust" sign. After breakfast, he made the sign and we walked down the road to the nearest train track. We're in the Midwest, so lets just say that walk was less than 2 blocks!  We handed over the sign, plopped a baby on a suitcase, and in 5 minutes we were done!  There were of course bribes for the little lady in the form of lifesavers. The little man isn't quite walking and his disposition is nothing short of perfect.  I still do worry about the rocks he pocketed in his little cheeks that we had to dig out. Could those contain lead/hazardous materials/train disgusting-ness? These are the sort of things that keep me awake at night. But we got one heck of a shot!

I found a coupon for 25% off at Simply to Impress and figured that was as good as it got. With SO many overwhelming card choices, I thought "Merry Everything" captured it for our family.

So, what did you guys go for with your card ideas this holiday season?  Matching jammies or casual mix 'n match? I love what Joanna's friend did and will be adding it to my "to do" list for future holidays!

Psss: Simply to Impress is running a 20% off sale now, free shipping included with code "holiday cards".  Ends tonight, so act fast!
Pssssssssss: This post is  not sponsored - I just love sharing a good deal!

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