Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nursery Tour: Morgan's Room To Grow

We've long admired the style of our friend, Niki, so when we heard there was a baby girl on the way, well...we were excited. Like, check in once a week, EXCITED.  How was the nursery coming along?  Have you found any amazing maternity clothes? Recent purchases?  I must know!

Little Morgan is closing in on her first birthday at the end of this month.  Let's take a peak at what her Mama had in store for her after she made her big entrance into the world!

Niki chose to stick with a warm gray palette, allowing for the room to grow with little Morgan over time.  She works magic with pattern, and you can see the moroccan rug, handmade pouf, and accessories work really well.  
The Pottery Barn crib was a hand-me-down. Lucky duck!

Niki is a fabulous re-purposer and DIY-er.  Case in point: This dresser.  Read on for more!

And a word from Niki:

General feeling for room - Lets see….girlie but not too babyish! I wanted a fun color combo, not typical pink or purple.  And definitely something she could grow into!

What (if any) items did you DIY - I painted the dresser/changing table to match the room and added a glass top with the fabric under it for an added pop of fun! The glass top also provides protection from diapers, ointments, wash clothes etc.  Morgan also has a teal chalk board door for color pop and something fun for her to write on down the road.  I found and painted the antlers for some dimension on the walls, and used the removable decals for some color.  They can be easily removed someday when she is older.

Favorite sources - Friends and family!!! Ask your friends and family for things they aren't using that you can repaint. Thrift stores or furniture resale shops are great for tables, dressers and frames to paint. Target has great accent pillows and check etsy for baby art.

General tips - Keep walls and floors neutral - it is easy to change out curtains, pillows, frames, etc. for the pops of colors.  Also, get transitional pieces like a dresser for a changing table that kids can use down the road. The bookshelf in her room can be turned horizontal someday and used for her to access books and toys!!

The beautiful Mama, Niki.

And here's our little princess now! Morgan - 6 months old!

Thanks Niki and little Mo! We've enjoyed peaking in your room!  

My favorite tip is to keep floors and walls neutral.  Any other questions for Niki? 

Do you have a nursery you'd like to share? Email Rachel@lullabylane.com!

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