Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On Showing Up.

I once had a Yoga instructor that started each practice off with, "You've done the hard part. You showed up."  In other words, you committed.  And it's so true. Making the commitment to DO is actually harder than the DOING part.  Because once you commit to that marathon? Well, shoot. You better start googling training schedules and getting fitted for a new pair of running shoes. You're going 26.2 miles, baby.

Lullaby Lane is a locally owned baby boutique located outside of Toledo in Maumee, Ohio. We're committed to bringing you the safest and smartest baby products on the market. But better yet, we're committed to our customers and community.  You'll find a wide range of parent and child class offerings at our educational center, Lullaby U, located in our store.  Our Winter schedule includes classes from Jennifer Mott Photography, LeSo Art Gallery, West Side Montessori, Kindersmusik with Miss Barb's Kindermusik, Inc. and in-house classes on tips for creating your baby registry, cloth diapering, and baby food making. So, yeah. We're committed.

This blog is part of our big picture. Because we're parents, too. We know there are days when you need a good laugh.  A quick recipe. A double stroller. Or an Amen. Yes. Raising kids requires a ton of, Can I get an Amen's.

We showed up to blog land today. We hope you'll show up, too. Bring a friend. Namaste.

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