Monday, January 6, 2014

DIY: Fabric Covered Letter

I'm a sucker for a great collage wall, and initials are an easy way to add personalization, texture and shape to this space.   This fast and fool-proof project is sure to add a bit of style to any room, and make mama and baby smile.

A quick trip to Hobby Lobby and we're ready to roll.  
Total cost: $12  
Total time: 20 minutes plus drying time
Totally awesome? Yes.

My daughter's collage wall.  We DIY'd all of these items or had them on hand with the exception of the owl print.  Can you spot my husband's sweet bird drawing from when he was in grade school? Adorable.

You'll need:
-fabric of choice (I like the feel of "printed duck" fabric - the texture is very canvas-y.)
-fabric glue
-sponge or brush for fabric glue application
-small bowl for glue

Face the letter "front side down" on the fabric.
Trace the letter.
Cut out the letter, leaving about a 1/4" extra around the outline.
(Don't cut into any small spaces yet - just get a rough outline as shown below.)

Dip the sponge in the glue and apply directly to the letter.

Fold the fabric onto the letter and press down, much like you're wrapping a present!

Here's where things get sticky. Literally. On those tight corners, you'll want to cut in at a couple of angles. The first, shown below, goes straight to that back corner.

Next, cut into all other corners, creating a triangle shape for easy folding and gluing.

The back: It's not pretty, but it got the job done.  Notice how the corners are a bit thicker with all the folds.  Go ahead and apply extra fabric glue to get these to stay down.  

And the final product!  Display on a book shelf or hang directly on the wall.  

So, that's what we're crafting on these snowy days!  I'm super loving polka dots right now.  Any other prints you can't get enough of lately? 


  1. Cute! Love polka dots too! Also, triangles

  2. Ooooh. Me, too. I've been debating triangle wall decals for an accent wall in my daughter's room!