Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Merchandise: Svan Totseat and Toddler Table + Chair Set

Lullaby Lane's got some new Scandinavian goods and I'm here to share the scoop!  Did you say, "Scandinavian"?  Where do I checkout?

I'm in love with the clean lines and modern aesthetic of our new brand, Svan.  Throw in the fact that they're affordable and practical, and now we're talking!

The Totseat Portable Child Seat retails for just $34.95.  And are you ready for this? It's machine washable, fits ANY shape dining seat (rounded back, square back, NO middle back - it even comes with a support strap you can add!), and folds up to fit in your diaper bag.

To this I say: BOOM!

The fabric prints for the Totseat are super cute.  I tested it out today with my 1 yr old and found it to be stable, supportive, and easy to use.

But wait….there's more!

We're also carrying Svan's Play with me Toddler Table + Chair Set that's priced at $199.  This solid Birch bentwood set features a round table, 3 chairs, and 1 stool suitable for adult use.  Kids will love to work at this table with their friends, both little and big!

The small footprint of the Toddler Table + Chair Set make it ideal for any room in your home!
That's what's new in our neck of the woods.  Any new products you're loving for your littles lately?

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