Monday, January 13, 2014

Room Tour: A Big Boy Room for Handsome Henry

When a dear friend of mine from college, Liz, posted a picture of her oldest son's new big boy bed, I just knew I had to put in a call.  My enthusiastic message went something like this:  


What? I get excited. And you should, too.  Take a look at Henry's great room:

The built-ins and bench seat are perfect for storing gear and cozying up to a good book! The awning is the perfect addition to help define the space and add charm.

Prepare yourself: This bed is a DIY project.  See more details below!

Hello, built-in headboard light.  I could gaze at you all day long.

A gratuitous nod to our Alma Mater...

And here's the happy family now! That's Liz, Henry, Toby and George.  Could this not be a toothpaste ad? Geesh, they're a gorgeous family.

And a word from Liz:  (Warning: Response #1 may make you teary. That's just me? Oh.)

General feeling for the room:  Since the moment that we found out that we were pregnant with a boy, my husband, Toby,  has dreamt about how he could share his love of sports with our son.  Toby has very fond memories of baseball games and football events with his father, and he couldn't wait to do just that with our son Henry.  So, as Henry grew older and began to share my husband's obsession with anything that had to do with sports, he requested that Henry's big boy room be sport-themed.  After I caught my husband checking out fat-head decals to slap on the wall, I knew I had to intervene....quickly.  I began by searching through all of my husband's nostalgic sports memorabilia from his own high school and college days.  I'd seen it all a hundred times, never giving it a second thought.  But, this time, I knew that it would be something that would make Henry's room really special, and make my husband an even bigger hero in my son's eyes.  I found old trophies, footballs, newspaper clippings, old toys that my husband had played with, and even a set of his grandfather's vintage golf clubs.  In my opinion, anytime you can make something personal and vintage, it's a winner! 

What (if any) items did you DIY?  I wish I was one of those people that can just whip up a coffee table or sew a curtain without a second thought.  Not me. At all.  But, luckily, I have some pretty crafty friends and family that helped me to create spaces on very low budgets.  First, we needed a big boy bed for Henry, as we would need a crib for his baby brother, George.  I fell head over heels with the Liam bed on, but not with the over 2K price tag.  Ouch.  Enter my husband's amazing uncle: not only can he make our children giggle like no other, he is an outstanding craftsman. He built Henry's beautiful bed, complete with a working light and power switch right on the bed, perfect for our nighttime bed stories.  The built-ins were constructed by a college friend, while the window treatment and bench cushion were sewn by my brother's MIL.  Lastly, we had to include the rocking chair that Uncle Rick surprised us with when I was pregnant.  Takes a village to raise a child?  Of course! Takes a village to design a room?  Who knew?!? 

Favorite sources:  Sticking to a budget was the name of the game for this room.  
I found Henry's striped duvet on sale online at West was nearly identical to ones that I had seen at both PBK and Serena and Lily, but for significantly less.  

The green quilted comforter and shams were found at Target

The vintage looking truck sheets and plastic canisters were a Pottery Barn Kids Outlet find.....unfortunately, they are no longer sold in stores.  

The inspiration for our bed was the Liam bed at

The polka dot pillow was from longer sold :(

We are obsessed with our dogs, so the dog pillow on the rocking chair from Serena and Lilly really caught my eye! 

The fan came from Menards...scrounge up a coupon and this was the best price I could find for a vintage-looking fan.

Metal wire baskets were on clearance from Smith and Hawkin, sold by Target.  Unfortunately, no longer for sale.  

General tips, specifically for transitioning from Nursery to Big Kid Room:  Thinking back on the transition, I feel like my boys were babies for, like, two seconds!  When designing a nursery, I would really think about how the room is going to function when your child is older.  These days, Henry loves to spend a little quiet time in his room.  This means he has become a little hoarder with his toys, and I needed a way to organize (and hide) all of dinosaurs, trucks, and balls that found their way to his room. For me, storage and organization, with a little whimsey mixed in, is the way to go! 

Thanks so much, Liz!  Any questions/comments for Liz? Leave them in the comments below!  And if you're interested in featuring your room, email!


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