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Spotlight On: Jennifer Mott from Jennifer Mott Photography

If you're local to the Toledo area, you've heard of or seen the work of Jennifer Mott from Jennifer Mott Photography.  She is a premier photographer and most well-known for her work with infants and families.  We're so lucky that she has shared her work with us at Lullaby Lane!

Have you ever wanted to delve into your family photography a little deeper?  Well, you're in luck.  Jennifer will be holding a 4 week class called CameraU at Lullaby Lane beginning in February! Read on for more details and an interview with Jennifer!

The textures in this photo are stunning.  Courtesy of Jennifer Mott Photography.

Learning to use your DSLR (February 3, 10, 17, & 24 from 6:30-8pm) - CameraU is a four-week beginner photography workshop offered by Jennifer from Jennifer Mott Photography. You will learn about basic gear and camera settings, shooting in manual mode, exposure, light, and basic composition. Adults only, please. $200 per person. Register by emailing *Attendees receive 20% off teacher’s choice products at each class.

Courtesy of Jennifer Mott Photography.

Here are some things you may not know about Jennifer:

You had a different career while you lived in the Pacific Northwest.  What were you doing before photography?
I was an electrical engineer, designing circuit boards and writing the software that controlled what they did.  I also worked as an engineer here in Toledo at O-I for several years before I started my business.

What sparked your interest in professional photography?
We moved to Toledo around the time I had my oldest son, and there really wasn't the type of candid photography I had seen in Portland.  I started experimenting and teaching myself how to take the images I wanted with my kids.  As a child, I had always thought I would be an artist or work with babies and little ones when I "grew up" but went a more practical it was like a light bulb went off when I realized I could do both as a photographer.

How did you know it was time to make a career change and jump into
photography with both feet?
I loved my engineering classes in college, but I wasn't happy with what I was doing in the real world, so I knew I would have to make a change someday.  It's very scary to go from a nine to five job to
owning your own business once you have kids and a mortgage, so I held sessions on the weekends and some evenings until I felt like the business was solid enough to go full time.  I had so much interest,
that time came really quickly!

Is it a challenge working so closely with people?  I imagine you
quickly make your clients comfortable.
I used to consider myself a little bit shy until I started my business.  I definitely have become used to making a fool of myself in public to make a child smile since then!  I have always been a kid
person and I am a pretty calm and laid back person, which many parents have said makes them feel more relaxed as well.

Can't you hear them giggling?  Courtesy of Jennifer Mott Photography.

What camera gear do you recommend for a typical family/home set-up?
Good dSLR cameras are so much more affordable now.  There are many reasons they are a great choice, such as avoiding that delay that most cameras have.  No more missed shots when your child runs away once they realize you want a picture!  My first dSLR was a Canon Rebel and
Nikon has the D3300 and similar cameras.

Smart phones offer a pretty decent camera.  Is there a specific app
you use/recommend for families on the go?
My kids have most of their pictures taken with my iPhone lately!  It's always right there when a photo opportunity happens!  Instagram is fun for sharing.  I just downloaded Snapseed and have been playing with it.  It's almost like having Photoshop on my phone.

If I want to print off some of my own pictures, where do you recommend?
I recommend Kohne in Perrysburg!  You can upload to them online, they do an amazing job, and they're local!

For local Toledo-ans, where are some of your go-to spots for family photos?
I love the parks around town like Wildwood, but they can sometimes get really busy and that may distract some children.  Try smaller parks near your home.  I'm always looking for little spots of wildflowers or tall grass, sometimes you find them in an empty lot next to a church
or restaurant!

Your infant photography is insanely sweet.  Where do you happen upon
the props? (bassinets, blankets, etc.)
Thank you!  I get most of my hats and blankets from and from businesses that advertise to photographers.  Most of my other props have been found at antique stores, craigslist, or garage sales over the years.

A bow tie and a tub. Two of my favorites! Courtesy of Jennifer Mott Photography.

How can people get in touch with you to schedule a photo session and
where can we see examples of your work?
Email me at anytime!  You can also reach me
at 419-297-3589.
You can see examples of my work all over the walls and front windows at Lullaby Lane or visit my website which will be getting an update with new images very soon:

Thanks so much, Jennifer.  If you'd like to register for her class, CameraU, please email  You can find our full brochure for Lullaby U here.

As always, feel free to leave questions for either of us in the comments below!

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