Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day Ideas

We've been pretty good about keeping a positive attitude during this harsh Winter weather.

Until now.

I'm officially over it and ready to publicly complain.  I'm hoping thinking you may be losing it, too???  No? It's just me?  Oh.

Instead of the post I had planned, I'm sharing links, resources, and ideas to keep you and your little ones sane happy today!

Crafts.  I'm sure you've broken out your paint, crayons, and play dough by now, but have you seen the Melissa and Doug sticker pads?  Perfect for building creativity and keeping little hands busy!  I specifically like the Alphabet pad, Make a Face pad, and the Decorate a Cake pad.  We've got a large selection in stock at Lullaby Lane!

Science Experiments.  One of my daughters favorite things to do is make "chemical reactions".  Simply pour baking soda in a pan.  Add a couple drops of food coloring to 1/8 C vinegar in several colors.  Use a medicine dropper to design different patterns on the baking soda.  Each drop makes a small volcano.  It occupies toddlers for about a half an hour. Success.

Tip:  If your hands get stained with the food coloring, sprinkle on some Baking Soda while washing under warm water.  

Technology.  Have you heard of the app "Endless Alphabet"? It's a bit on the pricey side at $6.99, but it gets the job done.  It shows a word with hilarious Monster creatures.  Kids need to match the letters by dragging them to the correct letter.  While moving the letters, it makes the sound of that letter. So, when moving the A, it says "ah, ah, ahhhh….".  My 3 year old knows all of her letter sounds.  I'm able to use alphabet magnets and flash cards later in the day to work on sounding out 3 letter words.  Bonus:  The app also shares definitions and uses word in context once completed!  I can't go on about this app enough. Get it.

School (at home).  Go ahead and get out those workbooks, flashcards, etc.  This post from Land of Nod shares a great Math worksheet for elementary age students.  I've also been hearing a lot about the website Starfall, for teaching phonics.  We'll be exploring that site today.  And Mama Natural also just posted a list of 10 educational websites to check out.

Join 'em.  You know how the saying goes:  If you can't beat 'em…Go ahead and get bundled up for play time in the snow.  Even if it only lasts 15 minutes, which is as long as it took you to get their boots on, it's worth it.  Kids love exploring.  And maybe, just maybe, they'll nap longer:)

What are you guys doing on this snowy day???

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