Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekend Round Up - Graham's Foundation

Everything I was going to post for this week's Weekend Round Up suddenly seemed so very unimportant when I watched this.

The president of Graham's Foundation, an organization which supports parents of preemies with care packages and other resources, happens to be my friend and neighbor.  Nick Hall is totally hip and always up for adventure.  His wife, Jenn, is energetic and giving.  Their daughter, Reece, has the sweetest voice you ever did hear.  And this family understands the journey of being parents of preemies.  Reece and Graham were born 15 weeks early.  The Hall's are forever grateful for their 45 days with Graham, and honor his legacy through Grahams Foundation.

The Miller family was one such family on the receiving end of Graham's Foundation.  Baby Ward was also born 15 weeks early.  Dad Benjamin is a filmmaker and made a video documenting his son throughout his first year.

And it is…amazing.

This video turns what you've always "heard about" into a reality.

Nick shared this on his Facebook page:

Were you one of the 21 million people that viewed the Baby Ward, First Year video, that emotionally shared his premature birth and his journey home? Graham's Foundation proudly supported the Miller's during their journey, and now they want to support us. Follow the link to purchase a great t-shirt with a wonderful message and help us support even more preemie parents.

So go on.  Help the Miller family help the Hall family.

Get yourself a hip Tee or Hoody.

Feel good.

You're making a difference.  And looking ravishing.

Happy Reading/Watching/Shopping!

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