Monday, March 3, 2014

New Series Introduction: American Mama

I recently read a book called Parenting Without Borders: Surprising lessons parents around the world can teach us, by Christine Gross-Loh.

It was an interesting read - interesting to hear about other cultures and their child rearing techniques… But the topics discussed didn't feel like realistic goals or expectations if you're raising a child in the United States of America.  And I am. And I figure you are, too.

It's AWESOME that Finnish families do x,y, & z,  but I don't live in Finland.  Can I take a nod from them and try to change things a bit in my house? Absolutely!  And I definitely have made some changes in my parenting routine, so for that reason, I would recommend this book.

But here's the cool part.

This book got me thinking - there are a million sub cultures in the good 'ole USA.  How about we investigate some of the talking points discussed in the book by interviewing moms across our country.  So, ladies and gentleman, I give to you…. "American Mama"!  We'll be visiting Mom's all across our land, from major cities to small towns, to learn about different ways of parenting.  Find out how they handle sleeping, eating, education, and more.

Check back here soon for our first installment.  I'm excited.

(Hint: Our first mama is raising two little ladies in Brooklyn, NY.  That's cool.)

3 American Mamas, due 3 weeks apart.  

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