Monday, April 7, 2014

DIY: Hang Tags

If you're like me, you're shopping end-of-season sales for your kids in the next sizes up.  What? You're not? Well, you should be.  It saves a ton of money and also a ton of time - when its March and 80 degrees, no scrambling for shorts and a T-shirt in this house!  Also, kids grow so fast that sale styles won't be out of fashion by the time they get to wear them!

If you decide to "shop ahead" like I do, then being organized is an absolute must. Enter my Hang Tags.  This project takes just a few minutes, but ensures you'll never miss the opportunity for your kids to wear all of those adorable clothes!

ruler/measuring tape
gallon milk jug cap (not shown)
cardboard (old cereal boxes or card stock work great, too!)

Measure 5" high and 2.5" wide and draw lines.  At 2" from the bottom of your tags, put a little line.  This is where you'll place the bottom edge of the milk cap and trace around the edges.  

Cut out each hang tag, creating a straight line in the middle up to the circle.  This will be the opening that goes around your closet bar.  Add your sizes with the marker to the top.

Hint: I make mine double sided, so I can use for add'l larger sizes once they've outgrown the smaller size!

Or, let's face it.  You could just nab these cuties.  They're durable and pretty darn sweet. Happy Spring organizing.  Oh, and happy SALE HUNTING!!!

Have you found any great deals for your littles lately?

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