Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DIY: Mother's Day Sugar Scrub

I love the classic handprint art from kids. Really, I do. Seriously. I. Love. It.

Fine. I trash it the minute those kids go take a nap. Tell me you've never done that before?

So, how about this year for Mother's Day we make Mom/Grandma/Special Person a gift they're going to be able to use and love.  More importantly, by make a deliciously scented Sugar Scrub, you're really saying:  "I want you to have time to yourself to take a shower or bath."  And that, my friends, is truly a gift.

Here's what we're going for, folks.  Our final product:  Tangerine Sugar Scrub!
You'll need:
* Jars - I love the half pint ones from Ball.
* Essential oil of your choice (I went with Tangerine, but I think half Vanilla/half Lavender would be   superb.)
* Sugar - I chose Sugar in the Raw for extra scrub-ability
* Oil - Almond, Olive, or Grapeseed Oil would all work
* Ribbon - for jazzing up your packaging.  (Turns out the ribbon and burlap pictured were too thick for the canning rings, so I ended up going for a classic twine look.)

The recipe was adapted from this one and yields 3 half pint jars.
Pour 2 C sugar in bowl.
Measure 1 C oil and add approx. 15 essential oil drops.
Add oil mixture to Sugar.
Spoon in jars of choice!  And go ahead and get the littles in on the action. Feel free to talk about how great their Moms are while doing so:)

And then this happened when she figured out it was sugar...

Seriously easy.  Seriously good. And seriously better than handprint art:)

Happy Mother's Day!  How are you hoping to spend your big day?  My wish: a nap and a bath.  And of course some family time, preferably outdoors.  That's not too much to ask for, right?

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