Monday, April 21, 2014

Spotlight On: Joyce Redman, Silhouette Artist

We're excited to be hosting Joyce Redman, a Silhouette Artist, this weekend at Lullaby Lane! These timeless portraits make a great (hint, cough, nudge, wink…) Mother's Day Gift idea!  I can't wait to add my kids'  silhouettes to our gallery wall!  Here's more info, as well as a quick interview with Joyce:


Silhouette portraits - $20 per child, add’l copies $10 each
April 25 11:00am-5:00pm  & April 26 10am-4pm
Joyce Redman will be creating the timeless art of silhouette portraits, intricately cut by hand and mounted on a  background. Silhouettes make wonderful gifts for parents and grandparents, as well as creating your own family heirloom.  Joyce is a third generation silhouette artist and started cutting silhouettes at the age of ten, and has worked  as a silhouette artist for 28 years.  Call Lullaby Lane at 419.878.0127 to sign up for your time slot!

What are the silhouette's made from?  I use a special paper made for silhouette cutting- flat black on one side, white on the working side. Silhouettes are mounted on a white or off white vellum heavy weight paper.

We've got wiggly toddlers. How long will you need your subject to sit still?  I have worked with all age children, and can work with the wiggly ones.  I will usually have the littler ones sit on Mom's lap
and look at a book.  The initial silhouette takes about 5 min to complete.

How did you get involved with such a rare craft?  I began cutting silhouettes with my Grandmother: Hilda Mayer, Mother: Gloria Kelley when I was about 9 years old.  They had a studio in the upper peninsula and I spent my summers with them there. They would let me cut and practice to keep me busy and entertained.  I started working in the business when my three children were old enough and beginning to look at college.  My Great Aunt, Audrey Waite, was also a silhouette artist and worked a lot in the Toledo area.

Thanks so much, Joyce. We're looking forward to hosting! Please call us at 419.878.0127 to sign up for your spot today!

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