Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Kids Closets & Dressers

It's Spring Break here, and what better time to start cleaning out your kids closets and making room for warm weather gear!

There are just 2 simple rules in this house:

1.  Create 3 outboxes -

Donate:  These are items that are worn pretty hard. Outgrown pants with wear on the knees usually    fill this box.

Save: Did you come across any keepsake items when cleaning out the closet?  The outfit your baby came home from the hospital in, a handmade blanket by your Grandmother?  Yep. These go in the "Save" box.  I happened to come across a huge pile of disposable swim diapers that will be moved to my youngest child's closet, so I tossed them in.  This box is almost like a "to be filed" box.  Toss the items in here and find a new home for them when you're able!

Sell:  Did you splurge on a nice winter coat?  Go ahead and sell that baby! (Not your real one. I'm just using an expression here!)  I've had good luck with a local "Garage Sale" Facebook site.  I simply upload a picture, add a price and wait for someone to bite!  Hint: Pick a public meeting site, just to be safe.  Or, if you've got enough stuff, host a garage sale with your best pal!  Advertise on craigslist and your local paper!

2.  Be honest with yourself - 

Just because something was a gift or handmade doesn't mean you need to hang on to it. And if you have a semi-hoarding husband who feels the need to keep everything, well, just dispose of the items when they're out of town.  What? Not that I've ever done that! Okay. Fine. Prove it.

Before: Cluttered shelving and random stuff filled the closet area.

By reallocating swim diapers, toys and outgrown clothes, I've created more usable space!

What are you guys up to this Spring Break? Are you finally able to enjoy any nice weather?

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