Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Swaddling 101

WARNING: This blog post contains creepy photos of a FAKE baby.  Yes, it's a doll. His/her name is Eli.  It lives at the store and serves as a great guide for expecting parents when showing them how products work.  Weird fact: Eli is weighted like a real baby at about 15 pounds.

Swaddling helps soothe baby, mimicking the mother's womb, and calms those startle reflexes that often wake baby....and mama :-)  It's not nearly as hard as it looks, and really, it can be done with any appropriate weight/sized blanket.

Let's get this swaddling started....

Fold your square into half, creating a triangle.

Center your baby and align shoulders with the top of the blanket.

Bring left wing down to bottom right of baby.

Take bottom left corner and take it to top right shoulder. 
Tuck excess material under right shoulder.
Take right wing and wrap around center of baby, as many times as necessary, until fabric is  totally wrapped.

Tuck any excess material in previous folds.
Do you plan to swaddle your baby?  I did religiously with my first, but my second had reflux, so swaddling wasn't a comfortable option.

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