Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hit the Road, Jack!

With the holidays fast approaching, we're gearing up to share all of our favorite travel tips and products that make traveling with kids a little easier!

Today's tip: Travel Snacks

Opt for reusable snack storage.  You'll be thankful you did when you arrive to your destination. No need to bother your host asking for a bag before you head out on your adventures.  Simply rinse and refill!

Zoli's SUMO ($18) holds larger snack options, while their ON-THE-GO ($15) is perfect for smaller snacks and formula. The stacking option is key when you're digging through a big bag:-)  Kids love to use Boon's MUNCH ($8) swivel top, too.

Our favorite travel snacks include: Pasta (penne and rotini are house favorites!), steamed vegetables (including broccoli and green beans), string cheese, dried fruit (cherries are a real treat instead of the usual raisins!), and of course don't forget the crackers.

Munchkin's Snack Catcher ($7) is a great no-spill option for those long car rides!
Do you have any favorite travel snacks we didn't think of? Share in the comments below!

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