Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Newborn - 1 year old

It's baby's first holiday season.  Hooray!  Typically grandparents, extended family, and friends will be bombarding gracing baby with various gifts.  Unfortunately, large, noisy, and plastic toys will somehow find a place in your home.  When purchasing gifts for newborn babies, consider the parents interests, needs and wants.

Here are some baby milestones to consider in year #1 that make great holiday gift options:

Feeding time:  Baby will be tasting their first foods in this first year.  Consider gifting a practical food set, cup, or travel high chair.  Better yet, give mama a new cookbook ($18.95) of recipes FOR baby. That's a win/win!
lollaland makes adorable mealtime sets and cups.  And you know how much we adore the Lobster high chair!

Bonding Time:  The Sakura baby sling ($98) is stylish, practical, and makes a heartfelt gift for baby and mama.

Teething Time:  Amber teething necklaces and bracelets are another great option.  Maybe mama hasn't been introduced to these beauties yet, but worn on the skin, amber releases a  mild pain reliever that can reduce teething aches.

Bath Time: Looking to give a toy this holiday season?  Bath toys are small and practical.

Skip Hop, Boon and Munchkin all have fun bath toy options! ($10 each)

What's on your wish list for baby this year?

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