Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: You/Her

I know this sounds crazy, but I totally bought myself a couple of items off of my wish list this year. Not because my husband doesn't do a great job, but because my kids ALWAYS ask why mom only has 1 gift and everyone else has so many. So I'm hookin' myself up.  You should, too.  Here goes...

Warby Parker Glasses:  At $95, these glasses are bangin'.  And since we're all busy and don't have the time/patience/energy to go try on hundreds of frames, this company sends the glasses directly to you! You simply go online, choose the glasses you'd like to try and they ship up to 5 at a time to you FREE.  For every pair purchased, they give a pair to a person in need.  And, (bonus) they help me see:)  Now, if you're looking for new specs in a hurry, this isn't the place for you, since you need to return your box before you can get a fresh set.  I took my time, narrowed down my frames, focused on colors, and chose the perfect pair.

Nars Nail Polish in Chinatown: I'm a cult fan of Revlon's Vixen nail polish color.  Did you know such a thing existed? No? Me neither.  This color is slightly redder, but still deep.

Sugar Lip Polish:  It's seems counterintuitive to scrub your lips during the Winter months, but this polish leaves behind a divine moisture.  It also helps lipstick from running out into those little lip lines.

Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots:  I bought these for myself last year and am so happy I did.  I almost returned these, debating whether they were "versatile" enough. My husband set me straight: "They are snow boots. They're never going to be dressy." True, true.  I love that they're warm and comfortable, with a bit of fur flair.

Patagonia Fleece:  Because I love to be warm.  Period.

What are you loving this Winter?

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  1. I was over all very satisfied with how everything was handled when placing a purchase with Warbyparker and Both of them give me a new outlook on ordering glasses online.