Monday, January 19, 2015

Is Adoption Right for You?

If you've been to our store, you've surely met Lindsay, Lullaby Lane's Store Manager & Buyer.  Lindsay is a lot of things, including an animal lover and a "Big Sister". She'll be the first to tell you that she "loves the internet".  (Hence why Lullaby Lane is chalk full of award-winning baby products!)  Lindsay is stylish, funny, direct and compassionate. And Lindsay and her husband, Casey, have been on quite the journey trying to expand their family.

Lindsay and Casey are currently in the process of adopting.  

We couldn't be more excited for their family, and we are happy that they're willing to share their story and experiences with us.  

How did you decide adoption was right for your family?  Adoption is something we have always discussed.  After 4 years of trying to conceive, we knew it was time to go a different route. I was over the countless doctor visits, failed procedures and medications. In June of 2014 we sent our application for adoption of a Chinese child and about 4 weeks later we were approved. From that moment on we knew we made the best choice in the world.

Lindsay and Casey, looking sassy.
Did you have any resources (friends or family) who could share their journey?  My cousin and his wife have adopted two children internationally and they have been an amazing resource. We also have dear friends that adopted domestically. Our adoption agency has also put us in contact with other families that have been through the process. 

How did you choose your agency?  I spent countless hours on the internet researching various agencies.  We narrowed it down to three and then requested more information from each of those agencies. Two of the agencies sent lists of everyone in our state that had adopted through them in the past five years. I emailed everyone on each list a few questions and had phone conversations with several people. The responses I received from the families from one agency were so much different than those from the other. They were both positive, but one group had more excitement! They loved everything about our agency, CCAI, and considered them family. We knew at that time they were the agency for us. 

How long does the process normally take?  The process can typically take anywhere from 12 months to 36 months. So many things are out of our control and there is no real way to predict how long the wait will be.  We are hopeful that we will not be waiting too much longer for our perfect match!

Have you considered adoption?  Stay tuned for our Part II of our interview with Lindsay next week where we'll outline the adoption process and learn more. 

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