Monday, March 9, 2015

Top Expecting Mama Tip: Buy Ahead!

If it's possible, buy your baby clothes ahead of time, when they're on SALE!  Often times this means buying off season.  You'll need to predict the size of your child for that particular season.  Once they're a few months old, though, you'll likely have a pretty good sense of their growth patterns.  

Think of how much money you'll save just by planning ahead!

But this also means you may have a jam packed closet.  Lucy Darling offers an 8-pack of Closet Dividers for $24.99.  Included are sizes NB all the way to 2T.  These Closet Dividers will help you stay organized so you don't forget to wear one of those adorable outfits you purchased (last Fall)!

We love the animal print Closet Dividers by Lucy Darling!

Stop in to Lullaby Lane to grab your Closet Dividers!  After all, it's almost time for a Spring Sale!

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